The woodchip briquettes is a high-quality and energy-efficient 100 % natural fuel feature, which is produced from pine woodchips, without using of binding agent.

Why should choose to stoke with briquettes?

  • pure, 100 % ecological product
  • without binding agent
  • produced from 100% pine timber woodchips
  • complete combustion, leaving a minimal amount of ash
  • large heat capacity and high heat of combustion
  • steady heat output
  • compact and easy transportable material
  • easy to use

Whereas the woodchip briquettes is a compact and dense product, its cubature is less than for firewood:

  • 1 ton of briquettes occupies approximately 1.2 m3
  • 1 ton of firewood occupies approximately 3.3 m3

Technical characteristics of the briquettes

In a cooperation with Riga Technical University, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, there was performed the analysis of briquettes in compliance with standard NE 14961-1:2008.5

Obtained results:

  • width: 60 mm, length: 15 mm, height 40 – 105 mm,
  • total moisture content – 7,3 wt% (CEN/TS 14774-3),
  • ash content (at 550 ̊C) – 0,5 wt%, d (CEN/TS 14918)
  • gross calorific value for the dry mass – 21,61 MJ/kg (CEN/TS 14918)

Monthly there are produced 250 tons briquettes.