Window scantlings

Producing window scantlings, there are used both fixed (FIX) and finger-jointed (FJ) lamellas (workpieces) knotless and without any defects. The moisture content for workpieces after drying is 12% (+/- 2%). The finger-jointed places are visible on the widest part of the scantlings. To provide the high quality of the gluing place, there is used D4 polyurethane based two-component glue.

The price of scantlings depends on the order volume and necessary dimensions.

Finger-jointed window scantlings

The finger-jointed window scantlings usually are glued from finger0jointed lamellas. The middle layer is of tangential cut, but outer layers are of radial cut (R/T/R). All layers are knotless and without defects.

We offer finger-jointed window scantlings of the following dimensions:

  • 72x86x6000
  • 72x105x6000
  • 72x115x6000
  • 72x125x6000
  • 72x145x6000

Other window scantlings

Finger-jointed tangential (T/T/T) window scantlings

Non-standard dimension window scantlings.

For additional information – please contact us.

Fixed window scantlings

Fixed (non-finger-jointed) window scantlings are produced from one-piece knotless lamellas, which are 500 mm  - 3000 mm long (step 100 mm). These scantlings haven’t got the finger-jointed connection line.

We offer fixed window scantlings of the following dimensions:

  • 72x86x800
  • 72x86x900
  • 72x86x1000
  • 72x86x2900
  • 72x86x3000