About company

SIA Vēvers is a family-owned woodworking company, established in 2001, having an experience in woodworking and production field already for 20 years. The company is producing high quality pine timber products: laminated pine wood window scantlings, construction planks, theatre battens, as well as sawdust briquettes, woodchips and other wooden products.

Approximately 80% of its production SIA Vēvers export to Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. A part of products is sold in Latvian market.


The company was established in 1992 as a peasant’s household “Muižarāji”. In 2001 it was restructured and up to mow is acting as a company SIA Vēvers.

The company continues to grow and develop each year, by investing the funds in the purchase of new production equipment and improvement of infrastructure.


Initially, besides the family, the company employed just few persons, but since the beginning of 2002 the company employs more than 100 people.

In cooperation with ERDF there were installed new wood drying plants and modernised the existing drying plant, by installing the automatic heating and drying control system from BascHild. Also there was acquired a new wood crusher and loading equipment.


There was built another production workshop and purchased a new woodworking technique from Weinig Group (Dimter Opticut cross-cutting line, Grecon Combipact finger jointing line and Raimann ProfitRip multi-blade saw line).

SIA Vēvers acquired Forest Stewardship Council FSC® 100% certificate.  FSC is international certificate of sustainable forest management, which provides at the same time environment friendly, socially responsible and cost-effective forest management. FSC certificate marking is placed on all wooden products, which come from environment-friendly managed forest.

There was realized another company development project, providing the company with a new wood drying workshop. This investment allows to increase the efficiency and quality of company activity even more.

There was built a new production workshop in the area of 400 m2. Also was purchased new woodworking equipment (Dimter Opticut cross-cutting line and Trimwex gluelam press).

There was enlarged the production workshop with a total area of 1600 m2, as well as constructed the loading site with a total area of 2500m2. Parallel to the construction of the new production workshop there was modernised the central heating boiler, implementing the automatic supply of the fuel and increasing its capacity up to 2MWh, which  allows to provide the additional drying cameras and the new production workshop with the necessary heat, as well as use the fuel more efficiently.


There was changed the technology of production, increasing its efficiency and quality. Was purchased the multi-blade saw and initiated the construction of new drying camera.

There was finished the construction of drying cameras, which gives the opportunity to increase the production volume, assortment and improve the production processes.

SIA Vēvers changes the scope of the FSC certificate from FSC 100% to FSC Mix Credit. The company starts to provide to the customers the delivery of woodchip briquettes to the customer’s address.

There was purchased new woodworking equipment (Grecon Ultra finger-jointing line). There was realized the project of new round timber cutting line.